WHAT A SUCCESSFUL placement looks like

Over the past 21 years since Adult Care Connection began, we have given families immeasurable help in successfully placing their loved ones in the appropriate setting for their specific needs. On a daily basis, our clients and their families express their sincere gratitude for the expert help our Social Workers give them through the difficult process of choosing the proper long term care setting.   We offer decades of knowledge of quality local residential care homes and assisted living facilities and we are able to quickly narrow down the available options for our client's individual requirements . Here is what our clients have to say about how we have helped them: (See below)


"Adult Care Connection came to our rescue!"

"Before we called Adult Care Connection, the hospital discharged my dad and gave us a list of services to call.  We were confused and we only had a day to find a place for him.  My brothers and I found a few places on the internet that looked great, so we went and looked at them.  We wasted all day because none of them were in his price range and they told us that they would have to meet my dad before they would even quote us a solid rate for his care level when we couldn't even afford the base rent.  I looked at the list from the hospital again and saw Adult Care Connection's number.  I called and within that same day, they were able to find a place for my dad that has been great for him.  No time wasted at all with their help. We really had to rush to get him admitted to the home, but we would never have found it without Mary's help.  She even told us which paperwork was required for him to get admitted to the home and how to get the paperwork.  We are so happy we called and thankful for all she did for us and her knowledge and straight forward honesty was exactly what we needed in our time of crisis."  


"...gave me immediate peace of mind"

Adult Care Connection gave me immediate peace of mind even before I met with the social worker.  Just being able to freely explain on the phone what I have been dealing with in taking care of my mother was a relief.  I knew right away that these were the right people to help me through the guilt I felt about moving my mother to a home.  I thought it would take forever to find the right one, but the social worker came out and met with us and did an evaluation of my mom.  She made us feel comfortable and cared about what my mother was saying even though she has dementia.  My mother liked her too.  She helped us take tours the very next day of care homes near my house and even though I was having trouble deciding on which of two that I really liked best, she brought up some important things I had not thought of  that helped me decide on one and feel good about my decision.  I'm so glad I didn't persist at trying to do this all myself.   My mother seems happier now than she was even when I was taking care of her myself. I never expected that.  


"...so glad we called"

Great service.  I didn't know how much help we needed until they started helping us.  I am so glad we called. We chose the first place they took us to, so we know the social worker listened to what we wanted.  We told our new neighbor about Adult Care Connection and they helped her find a small assisted living home for her husband and she still thanks us every time we see her. Also, it was free.  We are happy we found this service.