With over 20 years of experience in Assisted Living locating, our skilled team of Medical Social Workers are the experts in the Phoenix metropolitan area.  Our experienced Social Workers have hospital and healthcare backgrounds as well as the industry knowledge needed to properly evaluate care needs and arrange and/or accompany our clients or their families on tours of only the most appropriate settings for their individual circumstances.  Our comprehensive service allows our clients can make informed decisions that result in successful long term placements.

what we do & why

  • Our Social Workers provide a professional non-biased clinical assessment of care needs, budget, geographical location, socialization preferences and other determining factors. 
  • We arrange tours at care homes and facilities that meet all of the desired criteria and have a  proven record of quality care and operational standards.
  • We can either accompany families on the tours or they may choose to self tour with the itinerary we provide. 
  • We consult with families to help them make the best choice of care home or facility with current availability, proper staffing ratios and a resident population most compatible with our client. 

Locating the appropriate long term care setting for a loved one is complicated and multifaceted.  Our team of experienced Medical Social Workers are skilled at simplifying the difficult process for our clients.


  • The first step is to call us at 480-380-2348 to discuss your situation. If after your initial phone conversation with our office staff, you wish to utilize our services, one of our Medical Social Workers will contact you to schedule a clinical assessment to determine the proper level of care and appropriate setting needed. It is important to note that we do not charge our clients or their families for our services.
  • When our client moves into assisted living and pays their first month's rent at a setting that we have introduced them to, that home or facility pays us a prearranged contracted percentage of the first month's rent as a finder's fee for the work we have done to assess and refer an appropriate resident to them.   
  • For this reason, our services are free of charge to our clients.  However, we are not able to assist with ALTCS or ALTCS pending placements.  If you have applied for ALTCS, you may contact the ALTCS Case Manager assigned to your case at 602-417-6600 and request a list of currently contracted assisted living homes or facilities from them. 
Our services are FREE for our clients and their families.  We are compensated by the facilities and homes that our clients move in to as a finder's fee for the work we have done to locate the proper setting for our client's care needs with respect for their budget, socialization and personality as well as geographical desires.