Our Story

Adult Care Connection was established in 1996. We are a locally owned and operated assisted living locator service.  We are passionate about helping families and clients by offering highly personalized guidance through one of the most difficult transitions in life. 

Our team of experienced medical social workers:

  • Provide highly skilled clinical assessments by meeting with our clients and their families to determine their optimal level and setting of care for their individual situation
  • Curate personalized assisted living tours with full consideration of all aspects of our client's needs including care requirements, budget, location, personality and compatibility with other residents
  • Offer decades of skilled experience in working with families and clients who are in a healthcare crisis
  • Have developed long term relationships with the best quality assisted living homes and facilities throughout the valley.


With over 20 years of hospital and field social work experience, our team has been intrinsically involved in countless situations in which families are suddenly in a healthcare crisis. We have worked with a many families who had first tried to find the right setting on their own, only to later realize that their choice of home or facility was not appropriate due to their loved one’s:

  • Realistic ongoing care needs
  • Personality and socialization requirements
  • Current functioning level with consideration of the expected functioning level as the disease progresses
  • Long term budget
  • Compatibility with other residents, management or staff at the facility or care home of choice

OUR FOCUS:  We assure that we ALWAYS take ALL of our client’s individual factors into consideration when compiling a tour itinerary for their families. We directly contact each home or facility and discuss the details of each client’s situation in order to properly screen each setting in advance, narrowing it down to only the very best options.

Prior to the existence of Adult Care Connection, our team each saw what happened to patients who were discharged from a hospital or skilled nursing facility or admitted from their own home into the wrong setting for them. Since 1996, we have been saving families and clients from failed attempts at assisted living placement. We do not refer our clients to homes or facilities that have a history of poor care or repeated deficiencies or citations from their State of Arizona Department of Health Services annual surveys.  

There is nothing simple about seeking or finding the appropriate care for a loved one.

This is why we do what we do. We are the experts in this specific service, and we have yet to come across another local provider that offers the true expertise needed to secure a successful assisted living placement.